Looking for Beta Readers!

Hello lovely readers!

I don’t have a proper post about being autistic for you today, but I do have a post about autistics in literature – specifically, the book I just finished a first edited rough draft for! I’m so excited I keep feeling the need to jump up and down!

The Unwanted: Castle of Blue Stone is the first book in a young adult fantasy series I hope to write, and is currently 77,000 words long (About 257 pages in a word document, for those who aren’t writers and don’t think in word-count). Here’s a short description:


In one moment, autistic fourteen-year-old Crimson Yates was exploring her new backyard. In the next, she found herself magically transported to a parallel world, and promptly shot with an arrow.

The refurbished ruins of an old military fort known as the Castle of the Unwanted serve as a safe haven for half-humans escaping persecution from a human-dominated, Native American/Nordic blended society. Crimson transitions to the new world with help from people she slowly acknowledges as friends: primarily a gender-bending shapeshifter and a half-jotunn (a type of semi-giant, often sprouting antlers) boy who’s cursed with deadly magic. While adults research ways to send her home, Crimson learns about the magic runes, how to ride mammoths, and how to wield a longsword. But all is not as idealistic as it would appear on the surface. Depictions of monsters loom on the walls, and threats rise from beyond the border of a neighboring kingdom. Crimson must find her courage and manage her anxieties to help save the place she’s come to call home, or risk losing everything – her life, and the lives of her new friends.


If this sounds interesting to you, I am on the search for beta readers! This does not mean editors: I am looking specifically for people of all demographics who enjoy reading and would be willing to read my book, answer questions about it, and provide general feedback.

I’d be especially interested in hearing feedback from POC, since the characters with the most ‘screen time’ are African American, Native American, and Asian, as well as any young adults/teenagers out there since that’s the target demographic.

Please contact me if you would be interested in helping. Thank you!