Sensitivity Reading and Proofreading/Editing

I offer services for sensitivity reading and standard proofreading/editing. For those who don’t know, a sensitivity reader is someone hired to read through a work and look for problematic language dealing with specific identities. For example, if you write a book about autism and call it a disease, that’s problematic, harmful to the autistic community, and should not be published. A sensitivity reader can catch that for you, and correct it so that you can publish your work harm-free. Nothing about us without us.

I can read for things I have close knowledge of/my identities:

  • Autism (I am autistic)
  • Bisexuality (I am bisexual)
  • Judaism (I grew up in Conservative Judaism with 12 years of Jewish private school education)
  • Paganism (I am Pagan)

I have a close friend who is also a sensitivity reader. She can read for her subjects of expertise/identities:

  • African American portrayals (She is African American)
  • Epilepsy (She is Epileptic)
  • Atheism (She is an Atheist)
  • Bisexuality (She is bisexual)
  • Polyamory (She is polyamorous)

I’m open to any genre, fiction or non-fiction, but have a particular love for YA, fantasy, and science-fiction – especially if it includes LGBT or autistic characters.

She prefers fiction, with a soft spot for fantasy, but is open to all genres.

I would like to encourage any parents of autistics writing about their experience or about their children to please make use of my services, and to be open to critique and corrections.

I’m also capable of editing anything in English.


For a sensitivity reading, the rate is $35 per 10,000 words. This will include:

  • Proofreading and line editing (because I can’t help myself)
  • Searching for microaggressions, unintentional or inappropriately used slurs, and stereotypes relating to your characters in the applicable categories.
  • A written analysis of characters and plot in relevant areas, examining the good and the bad points that stand out about them to help guide you in the future.

For proofreading/editing, my rate is $25 per 10,000 words for fiction and non-fiction. For other works (not book manuscripts), please contact me with details.

I currently edit college level textbooks and academic papers at $2 per page (this does not mean choose single space size 9 font – two dollars for font 12, double spaced work). If you have an academic work in need of editing/sensitivity reading, I am capable of using UK or US spelling and punctuation, and I am well versed in both AP and Chicago styles.

For those who are students or low-income, please contact me, and I can negotiate prices.


If you are interested in my services, please email me at with “Sensitivity Reading” or “Proofreading” in the subject line, followed by the age group (Children’s, MG, YA, NA, or A) and genre (fantasy, historical fiction, self help, etc). Include a short description, your word length, and tell me what sort of help you believe you may need with which specific characters.


My credentials:

  • Bachelor’s degree in English, graduated Dean’s List from FAU, May 2017
  • Two published short stories, one of which won the Aisling Award for best short fiction
  • Interned at HCI Publishing in the editorial department going through queries and editing manuscripts
  • A year’s experience editing textbooks professionally